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Mortgage News 5-19-2011
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Warning Signs To Look For In a Home


When house hunting in Albuquerque, it’s easy to get caught up in the great aspects of a house, but it’s critical that you keep an eye out for warning signs and ask plenty of questions.

It’s important to look at the not-so-obvious problems and potential problems that could arise if you buy the home. Discovering flaws could help you when negotiating price, and it will give you time to consider just how many repairs need to be made if you decide to purchase the house.

To avoid later grief, consider this list of tips and questions when deciding if a particular type of home is right for you.


  • Have neighbors complained about air or noise pollution from traffic and industry in the area?
  • How close is the house to power lines or large electrical towers?
  • When it rains, is there good drainage or does the street flood, threatening to do the same to your basement?


  • Stand across the street. Does the land slope toward the house? Drainage should be away from the perimeter of the home.
  • Do any of the materials show signs of rotting or a previous bug problem?
  • Does the house have suitable storm windows? Do all the windows have screens? Do they open and close easily? Press your finger into the wood of the sills; if it’s soft, it’s rotten!
  • Are all doors able to shut completely to avoid drafts/bugs?
  • When was the roof last replaced? Are there odd bumps or dips? Are shingles missing?


  • If the house has an attached garage, is there space or a well-sealed door between the garage and the living area?
  • Is there adequate vehicle and storage space?


  • Check the ceilings and walls for watermark stains or mold; this is an indication of water damage. Consider visiting the house on a rainy day to check for leaks.
  • Does the basement or crawl space smell damp or moldy?
  • Does the staircase seem sturdy, or is it squeaky and unsteady?
  • Is the paint peeling or the molding cracked?

You probably have more questions of your own, but hopefully you will consider these to be a good start as you determine whether a particular house is the one you want to call “home sweet home.”

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