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Mortgage News 4-8-2011
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Ameneties to Look For When House Hunting

Searching for a house can often be overwhelming whether you’ve done it before or are a first-time homebuyer. You may already have expectations and a price range, but there are several qualities you should look for in a home. It’s important to look at the location and the amenities that make it desirable and worth the investment.

Here’s a list of features, comforts and conveniences you should be aware of when house hunting:

Outside: Be sure to inspect the condition of the house, from the roof and gutters to the garage. Either the realtor or current homeowners should be able to tell you when the roof was last replaced or if energy efficient windows have been installed. Do you have two or more cars? Do you own bikes or a motorcycle? A house with at least a two-car garage will be a necessity. Do you love gardening? Observe whether or not the lawn is well manicured or if there’s ample space to plant flowers or vegetables.

Materials: Since you have a price range you are working with, you should have a realistic idea of the types of materials and finishes you expect to see throughout the house. High-end homes often feature wood floors or granite countertops while less expensive homes may have vinyl flooring, and kitchen and bath laminates. If you see materials that exceed your expectations, consider it an advantage when comparing homes in the same price range.

Lighting: Keep light and sunshine in mind when walking throughout the house. Growing up, the sun beat down on the front of our house and my parents wished they lived on the opposite side of the street. To avoid a major tan and burning retinas, we installed heavy-duty window treatments and dealt with a large air conditioning bill in the summer. So if it’s a cloudy day when you conduct your home tour, ask where the sun rests on the home to avoid a similar fate. Are you interested in creative or recessed lighting? Are there ample electrical outlets to accommodate your lighting needs? These are items that can always be added but it’s a bonus to have it included upon move-in.

Storage: Whether it’s clothing, home décor, mementos or sporting equipment, we all have stuff. New homes tend to reflect this better than older homes and typically have more closet and storage space to accommodate our inability to purge. While there are companies devoted to creating more closet space, you also have to keep in mind that it could be costly and will essentially reduce your living space. If Imelda Marcos is your fashion hero, a walk-in closet may be something you value while looking for the right home.

Neighborhood: While you must be comfortable in your home, you must also be comfortable about the location and proximity to neighborhood amenities as well. Is your future community typically a safe area? Do you feel a limited sense of privacy because homes are built too close together? What types of industries or factories are nearby? Is noise and air pollution prevalent in your area? Is there a community baseball diamond or golf course that may invite constant traffic to your street? When it rains, does the street have suitable drainage or do homes tend to flood?

Even if a house looks great at first glance, it’s the details that you need to evaluate when walking inside and outside that will help you determine if it meets the standards you desire.

Unless you are moving into a brand new house, it’s important to realize that the bare minimum will be greeting you when you walk in. When the chandelier is gone, the artwork is off the wall and the towels are packed away, the shell of the home is what you’ll have to work with, so be sure to determine the amenities that matter most to you.

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